History is Now: A Request from the FCC Archives Group

We invite you to share your experiences and ideas about the pandemic and the role First Church has had in your lives during this period. You may do this through words, images, or whatever format makes sense to you (maybe a video or audio recording)Some entries will be selected to become part of First Church's permanent Archives collection. History is now.

If you'd like to contribute please go to the forum and add your response to the questions posted here: https://www.waterinthewilderness.org/forum

The first question in the series:

For the Archives: What would you tell your January self about how your life is now? 

Try to remember the first weeks of the rapid transition into Staying in Place.

We appreciate any and all contributions of this time in our lives so that we can remember these historic moments for years to come. We'd love to hear from you!

If you have any questions about how to contribute please contact lexi@firstchurchcambridge.org


The FCC Archives Group

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