Easy and meaningful ways to lend a helping hand

With all that is going on in the world right now you might be feeling the need to help your community in some way. When there is so much outside of our control it is only human to want to be engaged with things that are within our control, to feel a sense of normalcy. Please see below for some ways that you can be of help in a practical way. Our First Church Shelter needs some extra help, the Friday Cafe is looking for people to make bagged meals, and there is a place to sign up to help with groceries or other needs for the members of our community who are the most vulnerable and the most strained by this global pandemic.

Please be safe and only volunteer to help if you feel safe enough to do so. Part of taking care of each other is taking care of our own bodies as well.

God has hands. They are at the ends of our own wrists. The gift of your service is a blessing in such a time as this.

Help with Homeless Ministries

ASSISTANCE NEEDED IN THE SHELTER The Shelter would welcome help at this time from First Church volunteers who are not part of an at-risk group for serious illness. The first need is for supplies and cleaning help. We are running through a lot of cleaning products and rags, trying to keep the shelter safe and hygienic. We could use large containers of powerful disinfecting products, as well as paper towels. Volunteers are also needed to help Shelter staff prepare the space after guests leave in the morning. As always, the Shelter welcomes help with providing food for guests. If you can drop off an entree (lasagna for 15?) or a dessert, let Jim know. We’ll try to make it as convenient as possible. Please contact Shelter Director Jim Stewart: jstewart@firstchurchcambridge.org or 617-694-7894.

MAKE BAG LUNCHES FOR THE FRIDAY CAFE The Friday Café is closed for indoor gatherings for at least the next few weeks, but we will be keeping the supply of nutritious food flowing by handing out bag lunches on Fridays (along with socks and basic hygiene supplies). We would love your help making bag lunches at home and dropping them off at the curb on Friday afternoons from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. You don’t even have to get out of your car: Just call or text Kate Layzer at 617-851-5074, and hand her your lunches through the car window. This is a terrific activity to do with kids (handmade notes and artwork optional!). Sign up here

Other Ways to Help

If you are willing to help others in need, please fill out this form for potential volunteers. We will do our best to match you with needs as we learn of them.

More coming, stay tuned...

The Staff and Deacons will continue to assess the needs of our community, and we will be in regular communication with you via email about other ways to "make a way" together. May you continue to feel God's healing and loving presence as you walk through this Lenten wilderness.

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